Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekly Geeks #9: Challenges

1. If you participate in any challenges, get organized! Update your lists, post about any you haven’t mentioned, add links of reviews to your lists if you do that, go to the challenge blog if there is one and post there, etc.

2. If you don’t participate in any challenges, then join one! There’s a good selection of possibilities over on my right hand sidebar (scroll down) where I list those I participate in. There’s also A Novel Challenge, a blog that keeps track of all sorts of reading challenges.

3. Towards the end of the week, write a wrap-up post about getting your challenges organized OR if you’re joining your first challenge, post about that any time during the week. Once you have your post up, come back and sign Mr Linky with the link to the specific post, not just to your blog.

This is certainly a timely theme for me. I am new to challenges and I just successfully completed my first one, Carl V’s Once Upon A Time II challenge. I was skeptical at first but wanted to give it a try - see post “What’s the appeal of reading challenges?”. After two months, five books, one play and perusing 476 book reviews of the other participants I concluded that I enjoyed it, would probably try it again with less of a book commitment but for the moment was ready to take a break. See the post about my experience at OUATII Wrap Up. I don’t know how some people do more than one of these at a time!!

P.S. There is a Lost (as in the t.v. show) challenge? I so didn't want to know that! It is very tempting. I can see that these challenge things get to be compulsive.


Melanie said...

Ah, I also just found the LOST challenge. Sawyer and others have given us so many good ideas. I actually read the tie-in book Bad Twin and it was pretty good.

Alessandra said...

You're so very right. Challenges tend to get compulsive. But they're also fun!