Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cemetery Dance

by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Zombies? Really? Zombies? Preston and Child are my go to guys when I am looking for fun fast-paced trashy adventure. I absolutely loved Thunderhead (Anasazi in New Mexico), Riptide (Pirate Treasure in Maine) and Ice Limit (Meteor trouble in Antarctica). And then there is the Agent Penderghast series which began in New York's Museum of Natural History and continues with this newest entry, Cemetary Dance. I normally love Agent Penderghast as a character but this entire book fell flat for me. Indeed, it included characters that I had really enjoyed in other books but it just couldn't hold my interest. In fact, I have read all of their books, except Brimestone, and this is my least favorite. So why did I even finish it? Well, it is really hard for me to not finish a book and I was hoping that it would get better. And of course I did want to find out if it really was zombies. Try the Relic, Thunderhead, Riptide and Ice Limit. Will I read their new Penderghast story Fever Dream which comes out in May? Absolutely, I cannot wait!

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