Friday, June 20, 2008

Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

As part of Once Upon a Time II Challenge I read the play a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Although I had seen the play several times I don’t think I had ever actually read that play. I didn’t particularly enjoy reading it. I think plays are meant to be seen and not simply read and they lose so much with just reading. Of course if you are going to really study the dialogue like you would in a class, you need to read it, but for pure enjoyment I need the full play. As I didn’t have a Shakespearean troupe handy to perform it for me I did the next best thing and got the movie by director Michael Hoffman. I think it was remarkably well done, true enough to the original (with some exceptions that I didn’t mind) and had some wonderful acting. Kevin Kline was great as the Ass, Michelle Pfeiffer was perfect as the Fairy Queen, Calista Flockhart was surprisingly good as Helena and Stanley Tucci stole the show as the mischievous Puck. I also thought the sets and special effects set the mood very well. While this was not my favorite performance of the play that I have seen it was certainly enjoyable.

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