Saturday, June 20, 2009

Once Upon A Time III Wrap Up

This marks the end of the Once Upon A Time III challenge. I had only committed to do the Journey (one book) but ended up doing a few short stories and three books.

Book of Lost Things

Death with Interruptions
City of Saints and Madmen

Short Stories:
The Library of Babel
The Lottery of Babylon

I never got a chance to post the links on the review site for Death with Interruptions or City of Saints and Madmen before Mr. Linky went away. By far my favorite read was the City of Saints and Madmen and I definitley plan on reading more by Jeff Vandermeer. Death with Interruptions was also good but I was very disappointed with Book of Lost Things. And of course the Borges short stories were fabulous as always. I enjoyed the challenge and look forward to next years.

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DesLily said...

congratulations on completing the challenge! The malfunction of Mr Linky sure put a cramp on the challenge. I know my wish list grew much less than other years because I didn't have those links to read! I guess I should do an "official wrap up" too... I hope others use the comment box on mr linky ...