Friday, April 10, 2009

April Wishlist

When ever I come across a book that I would like to add to my wish list at work I email myself the info. This is my accumulated list from emails from July 08 to present. It appears to be heavy on sci fi and antarctica.

Blood and Ice by Robert Masello

City of Dreaming Books – Walter Moers

– Charles Stross

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town
– Cory Doctorow

Alchemy of Stone

Secret History of Moscow – Ekaterina Sedia

Antarktos Rising – Jeremy Robinson

Raising Atlantis – Thomas Greanias

Terra Incognita, Travels in Antarctica – Sara Wheeler

Antarctic, Life on the Ice (Traveler’s Tales) – Susan Fox Rogers

Alfred Bester – Stars My Destination, Demolished Man

Shadow of the Scorpion (Polity Novel Prequel) – Ken Asher
1st Polity Novel – Gridlinked

The Android’s Dream – John Scalzi
Also Old Man’s War.

Stealing Light - Gary Gibson

The Culture series by Iain M. Banks - First one Consider Phlebas

Love in the Ruins - Walker Percy

Fallen Angels - Niven/Pournelle


Jeremy Robinson said...

Hope you enjoy Antarktos when you get to read it! In the meantime, check out my new viral video contest. You could win Antarktos Rising and a slew of other novels (many signed by the authors, some not even out yet!

-- Jeremy

Carl V. said...

Fantastic wish list, some of these I own, and love and others are ones I want to pick up myself!

Stephanie said...

The City of Dreaming BOoks looks so interesting. I just had to buy it but haven't gotten to reading it yet!