Saturday, July 12, 2008

Japanese Literature Challenge 2

Bellezza is hosting the second Japanese Literature Challenge. I said I wasn't going to join any more challenges right away but this one is only three books in six months and is a topic that really interests me so here it goes. Here are some of the books that I will consider reading for this challenge but I reserve the right to add to this list (and most likely will) at any time.

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle - Murakami
Sea of Fertility - Yukio Mishima
The Tatoo Murder Case - Akimitsu Takagi
Out - Natsuo Kirino
something by Banana Yoshimoto
Tales of Moonlight and Rain - Ueda
Tale of Genji - Shikibu
All She Was Worth- Miyuki Miyabe

Bellezza has some book suggestions here and Tanabata of In Spring it is the Dawn has interesting ones from her Reading Japan project here which I would like to explore more.

I have been meaning to read the Tale of Genji for years but it is quite daunting. If anyone is going to read the Tale of Genji for the challenge I would love to have someone read along with me.


Bellezza said...

Moo, I'm glad you're joining. I've added you to the participants in the review site sidebar, but I need your email (please send it to me at you want to be able to post there.

I'll look to see how many pages The Tale of Genji is...I may take that on myself.

tanabata said...

I'd love to finally read The Tale of Genji this year. I was thinking I'd try reading it next month but I'm not sure now if the summer heat will make me unable to concentrate on it. My other idea was to read it slowly over a few months. I can't decide which would work better for me. When were you thinking of reading it? Having someone to read along with would help a lot I think! I was also thinking of reading The Tale of Murasaki by Liza Dalby, about the life of Murasaki Shikibu, before Genji to get in the mood. Feel free to email me if you like, tanabata2000 at gmail dot com.

E Berlin media blog said...

The complete Tale of Genji is about 1100 pages. I have read all three English translations and recommend the most recent, by Royall Tyler. It's available as a Penguin Paperback.

cj said...

We've got two books in common - Out and Tales of Moonlight and Rain. It should be a fun challenge.


Moo said...

Tanabata: I was thinking of reading the Tale of Genji slowly over a few months but wasn't planning on starting right away because I am currently in the middle of quite a few books. Perhaps in August? I would love to have company along the way.

E Berlin: Thanks for the recommendation! I see on your blog that you are making a documentary film about the Tale of Genji. I look forward to your input and will definitely check out the web site you have linked on your blog.

CJ: I have been reading great reviews of Out and I have been dying to read Tales of Moonlight and Rain since Belleza and Tanabata gave it such great reviews. I also plan on reading After Dark but I want to read Wind-up Bird first as it has been sitting on my shelf for more than a year.

Belleza: I would love to have more company on the Tale of Genji read! Thanks for hosting.