Friday, February 22, 2008

In the beginning

This blog has existed for a long time as a place to test different things before I tried them on the book club or food blog. Lately I have been reading lots of great blogs by avid readers and using Library Thing to keep track of books but have been searching for a way to keep my wish list of books on line so I can access them from anywhere. B & N's limit of 25 is just not adequate (even though I have 2 lists), I don't want to use Amazon (I am a B&N stockholder you know) and I don't want to mix up books I may want to consider reading with those I have read in my Library Thing library. Finally it dawned on me that all these great blogs that I read have wish lists on them and I could easily do the same thing with this. So after I dusted this old neglected blog off, picked a new format, brightened up the colors and added some sections - here it is my new place to keep track of books.

Moreover, I may even consider putting my book diary on line. I have kept a book diary for some time in which I write a page about each book I read, why I read it, what I thought about it etc. When our house got broken into last year one of the strangest things the thief took, in addition to a mold of my husbands teeth, was the book diary. Luckily I got it back but a thief couldn't easily steal a blog. Of course it could get whipped out by some cybernetic catastrophe. Hmmm. We'll see.

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